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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

Information furnished by the browser:

The online matrimonial portal utilises cookies to keep a vigilant guard upon user’s IP address, but the user remains anonymous.

Legal Disclaimer:

The website of Royal Matrimonials strives hard to preserve user’s privacy, but the service provider may disclose information if needed to do so by court order, law or enforcement agency..

Age restrictions:

The online portal shall not allow a user to create profile until he/she reaches to the legally marriageable age.


To register your profile on Royal Matrimonials or use this portal, you need to be legally competent and of the age limit as stated under the laws of India (currently the standard age legalized in India is 21 years or above for males and 18 years or over for females).

Terms of Usage:

Royal Matrimonials reserves the right on its sole discretion to keep a strict eye upon the activity of each account and can block an account based upon negative reviews.

Content posted on the site:

Being a legitimate user you agree that Royal Matrimonials may delete profiles, content or photos if they find you are violating certain laws that seems to be illegal, offensive and threatening other members.